Ambersil Lubricant Silicone
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Ambersil Lubricant Silicone

The Ambersil 500ml silicone aerosol lubricant oil is a general-purpose, medium-duty spray with excellent anti-stick and anti-slip properties. It is ideal for use where a clean, colourless lubricant is required. This spray is safe to use on wood, glass, fabrics, metals, most plastics, rubbers, and hard surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Inhibits adhesion of inks, dyes and adhesives
• Eliminates friction and fabric drag
• Can be used as a mould release agent
• Discharge rate is 0.9 g/sec
• Soluble in solvents, insoluble in water
• Shelf life of 36 months


•Sewing machines
• Cutting table
• Processing equipment
• Laying-up areas
• Cutting knives, blades, and guillotines
• Foam conversion
• Paper textile
• Chutes and conveyors

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