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Klüberlub OG 11 BH Series
==> Open Gear Lubricants
based on mineral oil, Aluminum Complex Soap thickener
and Mox Active Organo Molybdenum Complex.

The high viscosity base fluids used in the lubricants provide
extreme pressure (EP) and antiwear characteristics to the

Solid lubricants are part of the formulation to ensure reliable
operation under starved lubrication conditions. In
combination with Mox Active Organo Molybdenum Complex
EP additives the solid lubricants react synergistically under
boundary lubrication conditions to provide superior
protection to metal surfaces.

Klüberlub OG 11 BH series are used for heavily loaded small
and large open gears both with and without spray
mechanism. They are used to reduce friction and wear of
highly stressed open gear mechanism.

Klüberlub OG 11 BH series can also be used to lubricate
guide ways and guide tracks, as well as and low to
moderate velocity bushings and plain and rolling element

The solid lubricants and additives involved in the formulation
enhance the performance of the product in the area of
lubrication, prevention of wear and corrosion protection.

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